Cutting edge IoT technology ready to deploy.



Our intelligent sensors are equipped with a broad spectrum of connectivity and sensing options. Combined with a compact and low power design we provide cost efficient and reliable data acquisition for any IoT application.



Our gatways collect, save and transport data safely to the internet or any other superior control system. We support a broad spectrum of wired and wireless communication interfaces for industrial and consumer solutions.


Smart Buttons

Our smart buttons are designed for assistive applications to automate manual tasks and reduce work loads. Reordering consumables or calling rescue forces are just a few applications where smart buttons improve quality of life.


Remote Control

Our smart relays increase comfort and efficiency by providing secure and reliable remote-control functions for applications like access control, monitoring, lighting management, heating and air conditioning.



Our intelligent cloud provides AI driven monitoring and control features for applications like condition monitoring, device management, data logging and asset tracking within a safe and secure IoT ecosystem.


IoT Starter Kit

Designed to deploy a rapidly scalable customized IoT solution, our starter kit includes: IoT workshop, hardware and software development, smartphone App, cloud integration, three prototypes and more.